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Repairing Motherboard Notebook DELL, Call us 0557503724

Replacing the broken motherboard of a DELL notebook is a very expensive operation; the motherboard of a DELL notebook, even though it is used, can be very expensive or the spare component can be difficult to find.

Typically malfunctions of the DELL motherboards are due to:

• Overheating
• Short circuits
• Voltage ripples
• Video chips / discontinued components
• Disconnected connectors or fake contacts
• Liquid spills

These problems occur in:

• Dell notebook dead does not turn on
• DELL lights up, to turn off immediately after
• DELL the video has artifacts, strange characters, lines
• DELL lights up the power LED, the fan turns, the screen stays black, the hd does not start
• DELL lights up the power LED, the fan rotates, the screen stays black, the hd does not start and

after a few seconds the power LED goes out

• DELL lights up the power LED, the fan rotates and the screen stays black, the hd does not start, they hear beeps coming from inside the machine
• DELL does not recharge while being
• DELL the notebook only works with the battery inserted or deactivated
• DELL LAN connection is intermittent
• DELL peripherals and Wifi card, appears and disappears randomly

In our Repair centre in Dubai, we repair these faults typical of the DELL motherboards, replacing or repairing faulty electronic components, with a great guarantee of success, which avoids the complete replacement of the expensive DELL motherboard repair.

How do you get best Computer data Recovery in Dubai

Computer data recovery

About UAE Technician Computer Data Recovery

UAE Technician is a leading company in Dubai for data recovery having more then 10 years of experience. We are specializing in the recovery of lost data from any type of storage media like hard disk, memory card, server data, SQL, PD, etc regardless of operating or file system.

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If you have any Windows Computer then your computer will not data lost forever. That’s because there is a hard disk along with other parts that have shelf lives to them. The hard disk itself contains many moving parts that is expected to fail over time due to overheating, physical impact, dust, debris, or otherwise. If you don’t have a file back up, UAE Technician will still be able to recover your data files.

We recover files from the following Computer issues:

  • Blue screen of death
  • Virus
  • No power
  • Laptop spill
  • Clicking laptop
  • Windows start-up issue
  • Overheating / Shutting off
  • Freezing / Slow Windows

Computer data recovery Dubai service – How does the process work?

Your Computer isn’t working and you need to recover your files. Take a breath, take another one, and repeat three more times.
Bring your Computer or Computer hard drive to us for a free diagnostic. We’ll let you know if it is recoverable, the cost, and turn-around time.
What’s the cost? Our Company are providing data recovery services within very affordable prices. It is a case by case basis so we’ll give you the exact flat fee cost according to the severity of your hard drive status.
Based on the diagnostic, it’s up to you to decide if you want to proceed.
The Computer data recovery process may take anywhere from 1 day for non-physical hard drive issues to 5-10 days for hardware, lab recovery jobs. We will give you more of a definitive time frame after assessing your Computer hard drive.
Free Evaluation and Consultation
Free same day diagnostics within some hours along with honest transparent Fixed Prices and No Data – No Charge Policy. We guarantee fair prices for our customers.

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